AppLovin Advertising for iOS & Android (Stencyl/Openfl)

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For Stencyl 3.4 and above

Stencyl extension for “AppLovin” ( for iOS and Android. This extension allows you to easily integrate AppLovin on your Stencyl game / application. (

This Extension Required the Toolset Extension Manager

Extension Version: 0.0.6
Platform: iOS and Android
SDK Version: iOS: 4.6.0 Android: 7.6.0

See Product Description at the bottom of this page for more information.



This Extension Required the Toolset Extension Manager


How to Install

Add the extension to the cart en proceed with checkout. After you successfully placed the order, you will get an e-mail with the download link or go to “My Account” section where you can also find the download link.

Install the zip file: Go to :,30432.0.html

Main Features

  • Interstitial/Video Support.
  • Rewarded Video Support.

Version History

2016-03-28 (0.0.1) First release
2016-09-25 (0.0.2) Update iOS SDK to 3.4.3 and Android SDK to 6.3.2
2016-11-18 (0.0.3) Updated for Heyzap extension 2.7
2017-03-19 (0.0.4) Updated to use with Heyzap Extension 2.9, Update SDK to iOS: 3.5.2 Android: 6.4.2, Added Android Gradle support for openfl4
2017-05-16(0.0.5) Update SDK to iOS: 4.02 Android: 7.0.3, Tested for Stencyl 3.5, Required byRobin Toolset Extension Manager
2017-07-29(0.0.6) Downgrade SDK to iOS: 3.5.2 Android:6.4.2, works stable with Heyzap.
2017-12-07(0.0.7) Update SDK to iOS: 4.6.0 Android:7.6.0, added banner support use byRobin Toolset manager v5

Documentation and Block Examples

If you don’t have an account, create one on and get your SDK KEY.

Enter your SDK Key on the “AppLovinPage” in the Toolset.


  • Initialize AppLovin
  • Load/Show AppLovin Interstitial/Video
  • Load/Show AppLovin Rewarded Video
  • Callback for Interstitial/Video
  • Callback for Rewarded Video
  • Get Currency/Amount of Rewarded Video

//TODO examples